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About Me and Durty Gurl Flair

I was enjoying living my life not thinking of making soap and then in 2013 I had the opportunity to take one of Qrafty Qomic’s (she’s a wonderful friend) soap classes and have been popping soap bubbles since.

I fell in L.O.V.E. with the craft of soap making and remembered, or maybe was reminded, that my Granny back in Tennessee created her own handmade soap for our family and that was what started me on my own slippery slope.... I mean come on! It's in my DNA!!! 

My husband and I moved to Northern California, Santa Rosa in 2017 into his childhood home.  There’s a fantastic room in our house that has been used to build things for years (his dad built an airplane! RIGHT! OMG!), his mom later used that same room to do all her crafting, she loved putting together scrapbooks, and now I get to use that room to make all my crafty creations.  It’s a great space and I’ve finally got a place that is only used for doing crafting and soap making. It’s not a kitchen or breakfast nook or a closet in the back room. It’s a real live work-SHOP!

I have worked hard for several years to create what I believe is a really wonderful bar of soap, chock full of the goodness our bodies crave.  I know there are many places that you can find body products but I hope that when you try mine you know that I’ve put a lot of thought and hard work in my final product plus I’ve done extensive experimenting on family members and friends ;)

I also sew and am constantly making pot-holders, aprons, bags and just stuff. I have grandchildren (I’m bragging now)! I had the pleasure of making baby quilts for them and it’s such a gift!  Quilting is also in my DNA... Again that same Granny…

I’m lucky enough to have power tools that I love using.  I make things for my soaping adventures like planers to pretty the soaps edges, molds to make the soap look bar like and soap decks to help preserve the bars once they’re in use. 


I hope you find something you like and please come back often to see what’s new.​  Check out Durty Gurl Flair videos on YouTube and I love when you follow me on Instagram and FaceBook, all those links are below.

Craft on and Stay Bubbly,

Teresa Bruner

Durty Gurl Flair

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